Palani Chang

Aloha! I'm Palani Chang the founder of Standard Air, LLC. My journey started five years ago when I worked for an HVAC Service company. From there I learned that helping people improve the air quality in their homes eliminated and reduced their allergy ailments due to circulated dust and stale air in the home.

I care for the welfare of the people in Hawaii and living here all my life we depend on the 'trade winds' coming from the north east flowing down toward Oahu to blow away the volcano fog, we call, 'vog'. Without the trade winds, still air and humidity rises causing many of the allergy symptoms that occur among the community, affecting mostly children and the elderly.

Helping my community breathe better became my mission to start this business. Now that I'm a father and a husband my purpose became even greater that I promised myself that I will provide the best service and share my knowledge and experience for my clients in need of better air quality condition in their home.

We at Standard Air, LLC pride ourselves as an air conditioning expert, reaching out to you and sharing our expertise by providing a proven ten point quality inspection check, eco-friendly AC cleaning products safe for the family and pets, and a detailed AC maintenance checklist form with every job we do, so you are completely satisfied with our service.